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Online Artistic Workshop – PASTEL PAINTING 


Soft pastels are a versatile, fun medium that allow you to build layers of colours and tones with ease. Half day workshop open to all levels.


I will guide you through a process to master the art of layering and building colours with soft pastels. For more blended results I will demonstrate techniques such as scumbling, glazing and stippling which both involve applying a thin layer of colour over another. In this way we can achieve a myriad of colours.

There are no fixed dates so you are able to request any day/date you think would suit you best and I simply check my agenda to ensure I am available.


  • 3 hour online workshop  9.00am –  12.00am (short break at 10.30am)  
    Euro 45  UK sterling  40   US $ 55  (CET evening times for morning class in US)

  • Individual or group classes 
    (Price reduction for group classes)


  • Minimum materials required : 
    - Charcoal paper + pencils.

    - Set of soft pastels 


Payment terms:  Advanced payment by bank transfer.


Contact Helen about this workshop:

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