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Helen Claire Mitchell, BAHons Fine Art

Helen Mitchell is a multidisciplinary artist working in mixed media and ceramics. She studied art at Sheffield Hallam University obtaining a Fine Art BA Hons.  She has shown nationally and internationally and her work is held in private and public collections.  She lives and works in northern Italy.

Helen Claire Mitchell Principal Exhibitons:

The Brightness of White, Sala Nicolini, 17-24 May 1998, Varese, Italy

Into Nature, Sala D’arte Larithia, 24 – 8 September 2002, Laveno Mombello, Italy

Traces of time - collective - Villa Pomini Modern Art Gallery, 14 -26 January 2003, Milan, Italy

Arteinfiera - collective - International Fair Hall, 14 – 23 March 2003, Casale Monferrato, Alessandria, Italy

De Rerum Natura   Sala Veratti, December 2003 Varese, Italy December 2003

Winter - collective - Atelier Capricorno, 8 – 23 December 2004, Cocquio Trevisago, Italy

Black and White  (collective) Atelier Capricorno, 18 – 27 September 2004, Cocquio Trevisago, Italy

Driftwood  Fortunes Rock Fine Art Gallery, 12 – 24 January 2005, U.S.A

When Art is Woman   (collective) Punto Oberdan, 6 – 20 March 2005, Castelseprio, Milan, Italy

Circolo Degli Artisti   (collective)  Sala Veratti, October 2005, Varese, Italy

One Painting Inspires Another    (collective) Atelier Capricorno, 5 . 14 March 2006, Cocquio Trevisago, Italy

Intrusion  Atelier Capricorno, 2 – 20 September 2005, Cocquio Trevisago, Italy

A Curving Gesture  Joint exhibition with Swiss sculptor Sigrid Becca Berber, Atelier Capricorno, 2007, Cocquio Trevisago, Italy

Contemporary Art   50 x 50cm  Villa Truffino, Tradate, Italy 2007

Grande, Grande, Grande,  joint exhibition, Villa Recalcati, Sala Convegni, Varese Province, Varese, Italy

Collective   Malone House, May 2008, Belfast, Ireland

Belfast Castle  An exhibition organized by Colebreene Corp. Art Company, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Sept. Oct. 2008

Cycling  (collective) Atelier di Giò, Varese, Italy, Sept. Oct. 2008

Deep Space (collective)  Atelier Capricorno, May-June 2009

Rebellious Waste  (collective) 18 April – 6 May, Sala Veratti, Varese, Italy

Thoughts and Imaginings  (collective)  19 September – 4 October 2009, Monteruzzo Castle, Castiglione Olona

Dublin Airport   (collective)  October – November 2009, Ireland

Lombardia Arte & Salute (collective) Lombardy Regional Office, Milan, Italy

Angels  Atelier Capricorno (collective)  December 2009 Atelier Capricorno, Cocquio Trevisago, Italy

Philosophy of Matter Solo Exhibition organized by Art Events (Contemporary Art) Città Alta Begamo October 2010,Italy

Noir  (collective)  Atelier Capricorno, September 2012, Italy

Helios  (collective) Atelier Capricorno, September 2013, Italy

White  (collective)  Atelier Capricorno, December 2013, Italy

All Green  (Collective)  Atelier Capricorno, September 2015, Italy

Fallen Angels  (Collective) Spazio Glicine,Firenze. May 2016, Italy

Fallen Angels  (Collective) Studio d’Arte Liberty, Angera, July 2016,Italy

Nel Prato Azzurro Del Cielo  Mueso Parisi Valle, Maccagno, September 2019, Italy

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