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About Me
I am a contemporary British artist living and working in the lakeland region of northern Italy.

02.2 (1).jpg

What inspires me are the rough, layered textures of raw, natural elements and the exhiliaration of being in the mist of wide open landscapes with vast, ever changing, theatrical skies. Poetry and prose are also a constant thread and driving force in my work

My Process

I work in series, creating on multiple canvases or sheets of heavy duty watercolour paper, each image dealing with nuances of one simple idea like sky, rocks. wind or sea spray.

I like to start with soft translucent ink glazes. At some point I will notice an interesting shape or colour transition begin to emerge. What follows is a long process of adding layer upon layer or gradation upon gradation until the final image reveals itself.

I'm very mindful to work at a very slow, contemplative pace towards the end of the process. I consider every single brushstroke or glaze to bring it all together very gently.

03 original.jpg

I love to be with my sketchbook in the outdoor elements. Anywhere rugged or by the sea – anywhere that I feel the wind on my skin, the earth beneath my feet and where I can capture the essence of my surroundings with freshness and energy

Original art for your original home to be enjoyed for years to come.

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