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Online Artistic Workshop – FOLIAGE

Create your own series of paintings from the observation and rendering of foliage.  This is a fun, mixed media, half day workshop open to all levels.

Initial studies will be drawn on paper and then we will experiment with the fluid, spontaneous nature of watercolour and the more exact, layering quality of  acrylic colour. The final compositions will be rendered on canvas board and watercolour cotton paper.  The inventive juxtaposition of initial sketches will help us to compose a striking and dynamic composition.

This class is suitable for both beginners and practicing artists as the tuition will be tailor-made to suit your current level.


There are no fixed dates so you are able to request any day/date you think would suit you best and I simply check my agenda to ensure I am available.

  • 3 hour online workshop  9.00am –  12.00am (short break at 10.30am)  
    Euro 45  UK sterling  40   US $ 55  (CET evening times for morning class in US)

  • Individual or group classes 
    (Price reduction for group classes)

  • Minimum materials required : 
    - Sketchbook paper + pencils.
    - Small set of watercolours with primary colours. 
    - Small set of acrylics with primary colours.  (or separate tubes)


Payment terms:  Advanced payment by bank transfer.



Contact Helen about this workshop:

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