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Helen Claire Mitchell

I feel so grateful for having been given a talent that in one way or another has converged my whole life around making art and which often gives me that faraway look in my eyes because I have the spark of a new idea germinating in my mind's eye. Since my early academic training to a later more artistically experimental phase, image making has been my rock, and even today I don't view my career in terms of reaching a pinacle, rather, I am totally gratified with this unfolding learning process.

After years of working as an ESL language coach, I have over the last few years embraced teaching art to a wide range of amateur art lovers and it is proving to be a meaningful experience. I find I can quite easily tap into people's mindsets and adjust my approach to their indivudal needs. I feel a rush of energy inside when I see a tentative novice glowing with pride after taking away a drawing they would never have thought they could have done just two hours before a workshop, or when I gently nudge a more experienced amateur artist out of a creative rut by showing them new mediums or techniques. I promote the practise of fundamental drawing and painting skills which will later create a solid foundation for more experimental work later down the line. 


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