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Let me guide you step by step through to your finished artwork or allow me to push you out of your comfort zone to explore new mediums and ways of working if you are stuck in a creative rut.

Create your own series of paintings from the observation and rendering of foliage.  This is a fun, mixed media, half day workshop open to all levels.
6 hour workshop divided over three sessions (2 hour each) aiming to work on basic drawing skills.
Create your own visual diary. You will be shown how to kick start your sketching techniques using different media.
Soft pastels are a versatile, fun medium that allow you to build layers of colour and tone with ease. Half day workshop open to all levels.
Take your soft pastel skills to the next level by challenging yourself with portrait drawing. Half day workshop open to learners with acquired basic drawing skills.
Let me lead you step by step through a series of charcoal drawings each with the intent of using a different technique. Workshop open to all levels. 
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